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MEMBERSHIP benefits, categories, and fees

Membership Categories are:

    • Ordinary 
    • Associate
    • Trainee
    • Associate Nurse

Honorary Life Members shall be elected only on the recommendation of the Council and
at an Annual General Meeting by the affirmative vote of the Members present.

Membership BenefitsOrdinary Associate/Trainee 
Voting rights✔ ✘ 
Participation in Council✘ 
HSANZ Event Discounts (incl Blood Conference, workshops and training seminars)✔ ✔ 
Assess to HSANZ Scholarships and Grants✔ ✔ 
Newsletters✔ ✔ 
Support of Philanthropic Activities✔ ✔ 
Electronic Membership Communication✔ ✔ 
Job Advertisements✔ ✔ 
Networking (Access to National and International Opinion Leaders and Mentors)✔ 

Membership Criteria  Category   Fees

Medical graduates who have engaged in the clinical or laboratory practice of haematology over a period of at least three years. Graduates in medicine or some other faculty recognised for the purpose by the Council of the Society who have maintained a commitment over at least three years in research relevant to haematology: such a commitment may be judged by completion of a higher qualification recognised by Council or by a substantial scientific contribution based on presentation of papers at scientific meetings or publications in scientific journals.

Ordinary $160 + GST
Individuals who are not eligible for ordinary membership but have made a significant contribution of the discipline of haematology. Associate $70 + GST
Haematologists in training in clinical and/or laboratory haematology. Trainee membership is available until completion of Fellowship training after which the trainee member can apply for ordinary membership. Trainee $70 + GST

Individuals engaged in haematology nursing or the development of this sphere of nursing or speciality who have a a demonstrated commitment to and enthusiasm for haematology nursing and have been employed in the field for a minimum of two years.

 Associate Nurse $70 + GST

Election of Members

Candidates for Ordinary and Trainee membership of the Society shall be proposed and seconded by
Ordinary financial members of the Society.

Candidates for Associate membership of the Society shall be proposed and seconded by either two Ordinary
or one Ordinary and one Associate member.

Candidates for Associate Nurse membership shall be proposed and seconded by Ordinary or Associate Nurse members.

Any such proposal shall be made upon the application form, which will be approved by the Council. After consideration
of the applicant's qualifications and interest in the field of haematology, he/she may be declared an elected member
of the Society by a majority vote of the Council.


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